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The Last Dance drama did not take the seventh crown Jordan was unwilling

“The Last Dance” drama did not take the seventh crown Jordan was unwilling
Where the Bulls are headed in the 1997-1998 season: Jordan retires again. Where the Bulls are headed in the 1997-1998 season: Jackson is replaced. Where the Bulls are headed in the 1997-1998 season: Pippen trades to the Rockets. Where the Bulls are in the 1997-1998 season: Rodman. Joining the Lakers in the 1997-1998 season, the Bulls ‘whereabouts: Cole was traded to the Spurs. 1997-1998 season, the Bulls’ whereabouts: Langley was traded to the Suns, 1997-1998 season.Season where the main Bulls go: Kukochi stays until 2000 1997-1998 The main Bulls go: Harper stays until 1999 1997-1998 The main Bulls go: Winnington stays until summer 1998The Chicago Bulls defeated the Utah Jazz in the finals to achieve the team’s second 3 consecutive championships.During the offseason that year, the Bulls dynasty fell apart.Head coach Jackson was replaced, Jordan retired again, Pippen, Cole and others were traded, Rodman, Burrell and others left the team, only Kukoch, Harper, Winnington remain in the original Bulls team.  The documentary “Last Dance” ushered in the finale yesterday. After 20 years of talking about the dissolution of the Bull Dynasty, Jordan was still annoyed. “I have never understood his (Bull boss) ‘s approach. We have never talked about the reasons.”In Jordan’s view, if the team is not broken up, the glory of the Bulls dynasty will continue,” If you and the 1998 championship member said, give you a one-year contract to impact the seventh championship, they will sign, IWill.We could have won the seventh championship, but there was no chance to fight another one, which made me unacceptable.”The last moment of the end of the dynasty, the Jordan Poem Writing Memorial Hall, June 14, 1998, Salt Lake City, Utah. In Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Pippen stopped and stopped due to an injury. The Bulls and the Jazz struggled to the last moment, exhausted.Jordan first completed a fatal steal on Karl Malone and then in the final 5.Shake Byron Russell in 2 seconds, hit a quasi-killer, and scored 45 points to help the Bulls achieve their second 3 consecutive championships.  After the game, “Little Plum” Leonardo DiCaprio came to the locker room to congratulate Jordan. Jordan excitedly poured the whole bottle of champagne on Rodman’s head and sighed with Pippen beside him.Can you believe it, 6 championships.Whatever you say, no one can beat us unless we retire.”Under the heavy” encirclement “of the media, Jordan smoked a cigar and went to the hotel lobby where he stayed, playing the piano with great interest.  Back in Chicago, the Bulls team once again made a grand scale of the championship celebration in Grant Park. All the fans held up the slogan “Fight for another year”, hoping that the home team will once again attack the championship next year.But reality disappointed everyone, and the Bulls dynasty finally fell apart during the offseason.  After the last dance, the song ended.  The night after the championship celebration ended, Bulls boss Reinsdorf called coach Phil Jackson to invite him into the team. For various reasons, the “Zen Master” declined the boss’ invitation.Jackson said: “A great journey, a good time, a good team, it is time to leave.”” The first team meeting before the start of the 1997-1998 season, Jackson set the theme of the season as “the last dance”.After the team fulfilled its current goal of winning the championship, “Zen Master” gathered all the players together and then participated in the last team meeting. Everyone wrote a paragraph about the team’s feelings, and then came to burn them in the coffee pot.Jordan wrote a poem full of emotions that surprised the Bulls teammates.This is regarded as the last moment of the bull dynasty.  If the Bulls boss breaks down the skeleton of the team, if the Bulls dynasty collapses, there is a possibility that they will be defeated on the court, but they are more likely to be pushed into the abyss by people in formal attire.  This is the general judgment of the media during the entire 1997-1998 season.Judging from the results, external speculation finally came true. Chicago’s unified group had the chance to continue the Bulls dynasty, but led by Bulls boss Reinsdorf and General Manager Klaus, he chose to personally dismantle the dynasty team.To allow the Bulls to rebuild early.  As early as the summer of 1997, the Bulls Unified Group had already started to act. General Manager Claus found Phil Jackson’s replacement in advance, and said, “Even if Jackson leads the team to win 82 wins and 0 losses, he will not let himBecome a coach.”Klaus’s injured Pippen put on the shelf, resulting in a series of subdivisions and refused to play for the Bulls.”  When Jackson led the Bulls to win 62-20 in the regular season, defeated the Nets, Hornets, Pacers, Jazz and other strong teams in the playoffs, and won the championship trophy 6 times in 8 years, the idea caused some looseningThe team intends to invite Jackson to coach for another year, but the decision to start rebuilding the team will not change.  Bulls owner Reinsdorf said, “If you let Pippen, Rodman, Cole and others return to the team, considering that they have entered a late career, for the team, this is equivalent to suicide, their marketThe price will be high, but not so much money.”Jackson responded that he didn’t want to go through reconstruction and didn’t want to coach a bad team.As a result, the Bulls replaced Jackson in the offseason, sent away Pippen, Steve Kerr, released Rodman, Scott Burrell, and the dynasty team was almost only left to Cuco.Qi, Harper and Winnington.  The next 1998-1999 season, without Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Cole, entered the rebuilt Bulls regular season and only achieved 13 wins and 37 losses, ranking 27th in the league, since Jordan joined in 1984For the first time since the team missed the playoffs.  It is a pity that the 7th crown of the strongest “Flying Man” became a bubble. Why did Jordan retire after achieving the second 3 consecutive championships?Many people speculate that Jordan has nothing to prove on the basketball court, so it is logical to leave.In the documentary “Last Dance”, Jordan himself confirmed that he was full of desire and confidence in pursuing the seventh championship, but the reality made him have to leave.  In Leinsdorf’s view, if Jordan stays healthy and hopes to return to the team, the team believes that General Manager Klaus can form a championship team again within a few years.  However, this is very different from Jordan’s idea.Jordan only wants to play under Jackson, and trust only Pippen, Rodman, Cole, Scott Burrell, the old teammates who have experienced strong winds and waves until the teammates are no longer in the peak state, but Jordan firmly believes that he can lead everyone to win the championship again.  ”By 1998, I won 6 championships in the previous 8 years, and I still had the dominance when I first won the championship.I think that year I was stronger than any other year, because in addition to using the body, I know how to use mental power.”Jordan wanted to take the old teammates to hit the championship again, but the unified group said” No “.  ”I can’t accept this ending anyway.”During the finale of the documentary, Jordan is still bitter.  During the offseason where the Bulls dynasty ended, the NBA league also changed dramatically. At that time, the employers represented by the NBA team owners wanted the league to restrict the salary cap and player salary, and the player union firmly opposed.From July 1, 1998 to January 20, 1999, the NBA shut down for a total of 203 days. Slenderness led to a large-scale shrinkage of the 1998-1999 season.  On January 13, 1999, one week before the 1998-1999 season NBA opening, Jordan once again chose to retire and missed the seventh championship. The Bulls dynasty became a good memory for fans.  Written by / Sauna, Night Network Xu Bangyin Main Image / Visual China